Algonquin v0.4.0

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Algonquin v0.4.0

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Algonquin v0.4.0 is now out!

  • Added console commands
  • Added debuginfo command
  • Added ability to use phonology systems other than IPA
  • Added an executable for console mode for Windows
  • Removed pause on whitespace
  • Removed ability to pronounce multiple things at the same time
  • Fixed a crash affecting non-Linux systems
  • Fixed memory leak
  • Made the launcher no longer throw an exception
  • Made GUI run console commands instead of doing all the actions itself
  • Updated Utils to v1.2.5
This update changes the way sound packs need to be made. Alongside adding each sound as a .wav file, a .phosys file is now also required. If none is provided, the sound pack will default to IPA. The .phosys file contains information about the phonological system being used. This file can also be parsed by Susquehanna for creating conlangs with it. An example of a .phosys file can be found in the AlgonquinTTS folder in each pack.

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